Working with Insurance Companies for Home Medical Equipment Needs

Working with your insurance provider for your home medical equipment needs can sometimes be seen as a complex area. At Symbius Medical, we try to take out the complexity of insurance paperwork for our customers. After all, we work on a daily basis with nearly one hundred of the leading healthcare and home medical equipments insurance providers (really! see our full list of insurance companies here). So it comes a little more naturally for our team to help you with insurance paperwork, authorizations, processing and payments for all your home medical equipment needs.  

In this blog post, we want to share some of the information needed for most home medical equipment to be reimbursed by insurance. First, patients must have a doctor’s prescription for the needed equipment. The physician may recommend a supplier like Symbius Medical for the home medical equipment, or a patient will need to research this information on their own.  

Once Symbius Medical equipment products and services are approved through an insurance carrier for a patient, then our team starts to perform required steps as a provider of home medical equipment and services when providing home medical equipment.  

Some of these steps include:

  1. Proper delivery and setup of the equipment
  2. Assessing the home environment for the safe use of the home medical equipment
  3. Training the patient, family and other caregivers on the correct use, operation and maintenance of the home medical equipment
  4. Offering extra assistance and information to the patient and caregiver on their rights and responsibilities to use the equipment for rehabilitation
  5. Establishing a schedule for providing periodic service and maintenance of the equipment.  

In these lean economic times, some families are finding that they might be able to limit their out-of-pocket expenses by seeking out home medical equipment needs through low-cost suppliers, who offer only products but not the integral services, training and more that’s necessary for long-term home medical rehabilitation.  

As an accredited provider of home medical equipment and services, Symbius Medical recommends that families should work with well-known companies who offer products, training, services, accessories and maintenance. Having the whole package can only bring peace of mind to the patient and caregiver. Plus, it eliminates any inconsistencies that might arise with the insurance paperwork process.  

Contact Symbius Medical for more information on working with insurance companies for all home medical equipment needs, such as respiratory & urological supplies to mobility products.

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