Mobility and Custom Rehabilitation for Patients

One of the most gratifying parts of our work at Symbius Medical is seeing the joy that comes with patients testing our range of custom mobility products. It’s a joy to see the delight of these people whose mobility has been halted or limited when they are testing a mobility product. In little or no time at all, people respond quickly to the increased mobility offered by these products. It could be a manual wheelchair or a custom power wheelchair, a scooter, lift chair, canes or walkers, and yet the end result for limited mobility patients is generally overwhelmingly good.  

Despite various difficulties that patients might encounter with the use and operation of these vehicles, and the restrictions of the environments they are in, most wheelchair users feel truly empowered by their electrical mobility aids. Patients that come through Symbius Medical find that their world is much larger than it would be without power wheelchairs or other mobility devices. These assistive devices enabled our customers to be more productive, enjoy more leisure, and accomplish more self care with the mobility devices from Symbius Medical.  

Symbius Medical maintains a large inventory of loaner equipment that can be provided free of charge while a customer’s wheelchair is being built or repaired. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, the company also has branch locations in Las Vegas, NV, Salt Lake City, UT, San Diego, CA and Tucson, AZ.  

Our products and services are supported with our Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) and Rehab Specialists, who can help determine the best wheelchairs available for your needs. We focus strongly on the people who work with us in assistive technology and mobility work. When a mobility rehabilitation specialist joins Symbius Medical, he or she participates in a week long training program at Symbius Medical’s headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.  

The focused training program includes product knowledge demonstrations with custom-built mobility devices from various manufacturers and training for working with patients on how mobility assists their lifestyles. Symbius Medical’s Mobility & Custom Rehab Department provides you with many different mobility options to fit your lifestyle throughout Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. 

Contact us today toll free: 800-948-1868 and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  

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